Posted by: harrisonjones | October 21, 2011

Do you feel emotional?

The answer is, “Yes you do.” If you answer otherwise, then you are obviously apathetic which is a human emotion and negates your negative reply. If my pointing this out makes you angry, disgusted, afraid, happy, sad, or surprised, then I have accomplished what all writers strive to achieve. I have evoked an emotion in the reader. My fervent hope is that you will not be angry or disgusted with me, but rather with one of my fictitious characters. And in the course of spinning my tale, if I can change your anger or disgust for that same character to affection or empathy, then I feel pride which is another human emotion. 

We generally don’t take the time to categorize and catalog each of the emotions that we experience during a normal day, and I know you’re thinking, “Whatever…” See, there’s that apathy thing again and it probably made you yawn. Oh my…did you just yawn? Did I evoke you to do that? I might have a future in this business. On the other hand, apathy and yawning are not exactly what I hope you experience while reading my novels. 

Normally, there are two elements that have to be developed in a novel. One is the plot and the other is the characters. In my own reading, I seldom get emotional about the plot other than maybe curiosity or a little confusion. If mystery is involved, I will either figure it out myself or if my intellect fails me, the author will reveal all at some point. Either way, the plot becomes finite. It begins and it ends. The characters, however, will live on long after the story ends. If the characters are well developed, I will feel what they feel. I will love, hate, fear, feel happiness, sadness, surprise, (no apathy please) as they do. I will think of them as friends or enemies after I’ve turned the last page and I will miss being involved with them. 

My philosophical musings here are for my own benefit to remind me what I’m supposed to be doing as I develop my next novel. I’m getting to know the characters and I hope to introduce them to you soon. What about the plot? Knowing the characters like I do, they would be upset if I revealed the plot before they have their input. Meanwhile, hone your intellect and your emotions.  

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