Harrison can be contacted at  as well as comments on the blog.

I’m always happy to discuss Equal Time Point and Shadow Flight as well as other matters related to aviation or writing.  I’ll also be glad to arrange personalized signed copies of the books. E-mail orders to   Please include the name you would like the book to be inscribed to. Credit cards are accepted ($15.95 + 2.75 shipping)


  1. Hi Harrison, It was my pleasure meeting you at the Great Gerogia Air Show in PTC, GA. Thank you for helping in setting up my PASS booth! -Wes

    • My pleasure, Wes. Enjoyed meeting you and learning about PASS. It’s comforting to know that FAA employs professionals like yourself.

  2. Hello Harrison. I’ve been with Atlanta’s home town airline since 94. I’ve really enjoyed your books and you’ve introduced me to a new genre of literature. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much, Denny. Hometown airline people are my favorite.

      • Id have to agree. Been with the hometown airline for five years myself. But I am a legacy. You might even know my grandfather as he started with them in the 60s he was a mechanic and aspiring pilot he never quite made it due to family needs but he set me on my path to the cockpit. Keep up the great reads. Your books are excellent! The most realistic airline novels around. I can definitely relate your characters to those in the business. Kudos.

  3. Great to hear from you, Chris. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that. I’ve met some amazing people while working on the new book about the Rocky Mountain Airways accident and I’m looking forward to publishing their story. Met some amazing people at Delta in the 60s also. Probably crossed paths with your grandfather at some point. Fly safe and enjoy the ride.

  4. Hello Harrison, I’m Bill Totten, Vice President of the Colorado Pilots Assn. and I would like to invite you to speak about “Miracle of Buffalo Pass” at our annual meeting on Nov, 4th at the Rocky Mountain Regional Airport in Broomfield Colorado. I know you are doing book signings in Denver on Sept 23 and in Estes Park on Sept 24th and I imagine you will likely be traveling extensively. If you would be in the vicinity on Nov.4th we would be delighted to hear you talk about your latest book.
    Thanks for your consideration.


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