Posted by: harrisonjones | March 22, 2014

Malaysia 370

I have no comment on what may, or may not, have happened to Malaysia 370. My imagination is well displayed in my novels, but the only fact in this reality is that the fate of the passengers and crew is unknown. Seeking the truth and discovering the unknown has driven human nature though out history, and so it will be until this mystery is solved. That motivation has brought the great technological advancement that we now are discovering can be used with unintended consequences. The mystery has consumed the public and the news media has capitalized on the curiosity. As spoiled citizens of a great society, we have come to expect immediate gratification. We expect all issues to be resolved in a two hour movie or a novel of less than 100,000 words. Without resolution, anger will soon follow and protest will be the outlet for frustration. Blame will be assessed and ineptitude will not be tolerated.

I am often amazed at how little the public knows about aviation, and the non-stop news coverage of this event has reinforced my opinion. After two weeks of coverage, I can’t see that they have researched anything they broadcast to an uneducated audience. The only thing that amazes me more than the questions they ask, is the answers their experts give. Who knew it took such expert knowledge to turn off a transponder? The experts spin their answers like a political candidate debating a rival and advancing an agenda.

I’m confident that the true professionals, who are investigating the incident, already have answers and will soon have more. Don’t expect them to broadcast a news bulletin until resolution is at hand.

It’s gratifying to know that I can solve a mystery in a novel and satisfy a reader’s need for resolution, and while I can’t do the same in this reality, at least I won’t produce noise that might hinder those who can. The innocent passengers and crew on Malaysia 370, and every other flight in the world, deserve our very best effort. Thoughts and prayers to all.


  1. A good word for all. There is One that knows all things and sees all things. Prayers for the families of this missing flight. Keep speaking Truth.

    • Great to hear from you, Joanna. Without faith and hard work, nothing happens and it’s most important in this situation. I’m working on the next book with special characters and I’ll keep you in the loop. I enjoy the posts that you and Cameron put up. All my best.

  2. Harrison, I am confident of the same. And hopefully we’ll have the answers soon.

    • The investigation seems to be dead reckoning, Karelene, but I don’t think that’s the case. As a novelist, things are seldom as they appear and as a pilot, some of their leaks to the press are ludicrous. I don’t think all eyes are on the Indian Ocean, but I also subscribe to the philosophy that the captain’s always right, some of the time. I ordered your new book and am waiting on the snail mail to perform. If they knew how old I am they would expedite.

    • This is what we need – an insight to make evneoyre think

  3. I am waiting for the answer just like a lot of people. I agree about the news media, the questions they ask. It is like they are trying to solve the problem for the public. I have my thoughts on what happened and I hope I am wrong. I spent four years in the Navy and 38 years as a mechanic in the airline industry.

    • Pat, it appears as if the news media has exhausted their ignorance and decided to wait for facts with the rest of us. Some of their experts have put forth theories that are mutually exclusive so I don’t know which one they actually believe. With your experience I know you realize that things are not always as they seem and certainly not as the media portrays them. Thanks for commenting and stop by again soon.

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