Posted by: harrisonjones | October 12, 2011

In the beginning…

I procrastinate. I put off, delay, postpone, dally, defer, and dawdle. However, the time to begin the next novel has come and after staring at the blank screen for a few minutes and realizing that it reflects my thoughts, I decided to blog instead. Thus, the opening sentence, I procrastinate. Someone once said, “You can’t edit a blank page,” so I will have to type words, good or bad, and hope the editing process works. While signing books at the air show last weekend, I had the opportunity to get feedback from several people who had read Shadow Flight and was encouraged by their comments. Invariably, they ask about the next book and when they can expect it. I, of course, dawdled and one of them suggested that I start at the end. Confused, I asked for an explanation, and he said just start where Shadow Flight ended. Why didn’t I think of that?  

I have assembled a list of characters and developed a rough idea for the plot. You may recognize Kyle, Madison, Cason, Colt, Ed, Harry, Brooke, Charlie, and Bud. I’ll be introducing you to Cameron, Joyce, Maureen, Estelle, and Grace, among others. In doing some preliminary research, I have been fortunate enough to coerce several flight attendants into consulting on the project so that I represent the cabin crew accurately. They will be reading portions of the manuscript and pointing out the error of my ways. Their influence has already made an impact as they have made me promise to taxi slow and make judicious use of the brakes while they are moving about the cabin.  

Okay, no more procrastinating. I think I’ve got the opening paragraph of chapter one and it may make sense to you if you have read Shadow Flight.      

Chapter 1 

          He had read the letter so many times; it was burned into his memory like the lyrics of a favorite ballad. Nothing more than words imprinted on paper. Just a form letter with his name inserted as the subject of the first line. Yet the words would change his life forever. A goal achieved, a dream realized, and prayers answered. 

Now I just need another 100,000 words…


  1. What? Only 100,000 words. I was hoping for something on the order of Pillars of the Earth or Gone with the Wind. Just kidding…

    Have fun with the process!

    • I’m looking forward to getting to know my new characters. Let’s see; Jeanne, now there’s a name that resonates…

  2. I have started reading Equal Time Point, I hope by the time your third book is released I will have completed Shadow Flight. I have not read very far but it is getting very interesting, I know pretty soon I will not want to put it down. Cameron doesn’t have much time for reading just now, when he does he has his nose right in his bible, he has downloaded the bible on his new iphone and he reads while in therapy. God is preparing him for a great ministry I believe. I know he will love to read your novels when he gets a chance, I can tell it is a book he will enjoy. He was able to attend a CAP event this past weekend, he wanted so bad to be there, so we made it happen. It was a long drive home, but he does not ask for much, and he kept asking to go to this Ranger Training. He was appointed to command this event, but he had passed it up when he had planned to leave for college. He is continuing to do great, his attitude is always positive. There is an article written about him in the Burlington Times News you might would like to read. I am looking forward to seeing what the character Cameron will be like in your third novel.

    • It’s great to hear from you, Joanna, and I’m so happy that Cameron is out and about. Thank you for updating the journal on caringbridge and keeping us informed. Someone once said, “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” You and Cameron and Jeff have certainly demonstrated character that inspires each of us and strengthens our faith. The newspaper article was great and I’m sure will serve to inspire as well. Look for an email with the first chapter of the new manuscript attached. Diane and I continue to include you in our prayers.

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