Posted by: harrisonjones | September 12, 2011

What were they thinking…

Okay, so a couple goes into the lavatory together (uh…a man and a woman) and stays for an extended period. There was a time when nobody cared, but in today’s environment of suspicious paranoia the F-16s are called out. What were they thinking?

Different flight, same day, three people lock themselves in the lav with the same result. What were they thinking?

In New Orleans, a guy checks in at the ticket counter and demonstrates that his hunting rifle is properly prepared as checked baggage. No problem except he accidently shoots the ticket agent in the leg in the process. What was he thinking?

Another flight returned to the gate and everyone was deplaned and re-screened because of unspecified suspicious behavior of a  passenger. What were they thinking?

On a different flight a passenger was arrested because he would not turn off his cell phone. What was he thinking?

And last but not least, a man was arrested for biting another passenger. What was he thinking?

I’m not making this stuff up and I really don’t know how to comment. I’m wondering if we have people among us who are just not aware of the world around them. I don’t know what a flight attendant’s salary is these days, but I’m pretty sure it should be more.

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