Posted by: harrisonjones | July 15, 2011

Violating my policy of keeping a low profile

It’s a rainy day in Georgia, but I put on my author hat and went out promoting my book. Dropped by the post office and mailed a few autographed copies to folks who have honored me by investing a few dollars in reading entertainment. I’m praying that it’s worthy and they don’t demand their money back. Next, I dropped by two local libraries and donated books for their shelves, along with a stack of book marks for their patrons. I love libraries and bookstores and could spend days exploring the shelves. My last stop was at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. The photo used for the cover of Shadow Flight was taken on the flight line at Falcon Field and I thought the Flight School deserved a copy depicting their work place.  

Small airports are probably the friendliest places on earth and the atmosphere is almost always predictable; dedicated and passionate people doing something that they love while trying to eek out a living in the process. The good folks at Falcon Field are no exception and their students enjoy an excellent learning environment. Aviation is addictive and gets in your blood. Once you’re admitted to the fraternity, there’s no going back. Met some nice people today; maybe they’ll show up in the next book.   


  1. Happy to hear there will be a next book! There is nothing more depressing than reading a good book only to find out the author isn’t working on another. Shadow Flight was a great read Harrison 🙂 Jeanne

    • You’re very kind, Jeanne, and I appreciate it very much. I’ve been wondering what might happen to Kyle and Madison and ideas are beginning to churn. :0)

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