Posted by: harrisonjones | July 8, 2011

Bluewater Press offers summer book sale

The fine folks at BluewaterPress LLC are offering thirty percent discounts on books, including my newly released Shadow Flight.

Click on to shop their catalog and pick up the bargains for your summer reading enjoyment. The support that I have received from Bluewater in publishing Shadow Flight has been outstanding and I hope you enjoy their catalog and take advantage of the bargains.

Don’t board that fourteen hour flight to Tokyo without a couple of good books to read. An airline pilot’s career includes literally thousands of hours sitting around pilot lounges, laying over in hotels, and deadheading in the cabin. I would have never survived without a couple of books in my bag at all times. Most of you have heard the analogy that flying is hours and hours of boredom, interupted by moments of sheer terror. All things being equal, I would just as soon get my excitement from a book.


  1. So I had a long to do list for this weekend besides racing and an 80th birthday party but then in the mail on Friday my copy of Shadow Flight arrived…I’m up to page 160. Need I say more about my to do list getting done this weekend. Great read so far. Hope to finish the rest this evening, Jeanne

    • Jeanne, coming from a pilot, your approval is very much appreciated. The balance between technical accuracy and entertainment is so hard to achieve, but I hope the story is credible as well as entertaining. I’m sure a task oriented, complete the mission, pilot like yourself will handle the weekend to do list in fine fashion. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Bob I just ordered ETP kindle version from amazon. Will order your new one when it goes kindle as well. Just found out you were writing. saw it on our forum. Hope you are very sucessful in your writings. Can’t believe how the years have flown by…

    Bill Harvill
    Retired 1 Nov 1999 L-15

    • Great to hear from you, Bill. I hope ETP takes you back to 30W in an entertaining way. I appreciate the good wishes and all my best to you and yours.

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