Posted by: harrisonjones | July 1, 2011

Some days are bigger than others

The sun came up today and the birds chirped as they took to the air on a gentle summer breeze. Just  another Georgia morning with God in his heaven, spinning the good earth at 1000 miles per hour. However, the day is anything but normal at the Jones household.

Today, Shadow Flight is launched and available on the market. Questions abound. Will it be accepted? Will it be  deemed worthy? Will it be credible with the aviation community and will it be entertaining for the general public?  

If you read the book and find it lacking, please wait at least a week before telling me. If you think it’s a good read, please tell my publisher they didn’t make a horrible mistake by putting their name on it and tell Amazon it’s worthy of the market. There will be hundreds of other books released today also, and I wish their authors  well. 

This holiday weekend we celebrate our independence and remember our founding fathers that formed our  great nation. I am so very grateful to live in a country where books can be written and published without government censorship. Enjoy the holiday.  


  1. Congrats on the big day Harrison. Can’t wait to read more than just the excerpts. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Jeanne

    • Thank you so much, Jeanne. From reading your blog, you remind me of Brooke Roberts in the book. I hope you find her character credible. Hope you have a great holiday too.

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