Posted by: harrisonjones | June 4, 2011

Characters revisited

This week I am enjoying some down time at one of Biloxi’s casino resorts. My wife, Diane has the dubious distinction of being born on D Day and we are celebrating her birthday by indulging ourselves on Gulf Coast cuisine and looking forward to a Randy Travis concert. My favorite traveling companion, good music, and all the crab legs you can eat. Life is good.

During a previous trip to Biloxi, I was working on my soon to be released(July 1) novel, SHADOW FLIGHT. I’ve mentioned before that I’m always looking for characters and while admiring the yachts in the resort’s marina, I encountered a gentleman who would unknowingly become the fictitious William B. Butler in SHADOW FLIGHT. I have sometimes been accused of including creative secret code in the names of my characters, but even though William B. Butler is a primary antagonist in the book, I adamantly deny that his name is code for Billy Bad Butt. A juvenile rumor such as that could sully my unblemished reputation as a writer. There are some things that only fan club members should be aware of.

Be that as it may, several chapters of the book were written with Biloxi as the backdrop and walking through the marina this morning was like visiting old friends. Billy Butler served me well as an antagonist and my hope is that you will dislike him as much as I do. In anticipation of SHADOW FLIGHT’S release, I will be introducing you to other characters and posting a few excerpts from the book next week. The cast includes airline pilots, general aviation pilots, aircraft mechanics, airline security personnel, military guys, and William B. Butler. I’m posting this from an IPad and don’t have the ability to cut and paste, so check back for the excerpts next week. Meanwhile, there is more to remember this week than Diane’s birthday. Salute a military guy or gal and let them know that D Day is not forgotten. I donate books to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and would encourage you to consider doing the same. Enjoy the weekend.

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