Posted by: harrisonjones | April 13, 2011

Harrison’s Blog

Welcome to all who click. I hope you will visit often and join the discussion. My posts will primarily concern my great interest in aviation and writing. I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a forty year career in aviation and recently my interest in writing has resulted in two published novels (the second to be released soon). It seems that you can seldom read a newspaper or watch the evening news without encountering an aviation story. The roof of an airplane ripping open, an air traffic controller falling asleep, a flight attendant pouring a beer on someone and popping an escape slide, the ongoing TSA saga, birds in an engine and the airplane in the river, an airplane coming apart over the ocean, exploding underwear…you get the idea. My wife is tired of me blabbing so I’m going to try blogging. Hopefully it won’t be a secret blog (one that no one knows about).

I’ve just put the website up and I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I’ll post something tommorrow and hopefully generate comments for discussion and questions to find answers for. Meanwhile, snoop around the website and visit the other pages and tell me what I screwed up building it. What happens if I click here…oh #!?:#$+^ 

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